A statement black pearl ring that looks like a treasure Ariel dug out from the depths of the ocean.
A watermelon tourmaline ring featuring what look like suspended magical particles.
A regal gold ring for the person who brings ~24K magic~ into your life.
A delicate scarlet ruby ring that looks it belongs in a chest of family heirlooms.
An iridescent raw opal ring that's a little rough around the edges.
A three-prong sapphire ring for a subtle pop of the blues.
A stylish ruby ring that's as light as a ~feather~.
An ethereal grey moonstone and moissanite ring set that proves two rings are better than one.
A clustered peach morganite, pink tourmaline, and moissanite ring that'll be the talk of the town.A pretty pink and white pearl ring with a look that branches off from the ordinary.
A black onyx ring that matches your dark humor and outlook on life.
A nature-inspired green turquoise ring that will never leaf you hanging.
A sophisticated amethyst ring that won't play second fiddle to any other ring.
A rose quartz and moissanite ring that confirms that four is not a crowd.
A dainty opal ring that'll win over your real heart.
Or perhaps an entire band of hearts?
A white topaz and ruby ring that mirrors your happy tears.
An open-ended sapphire ring that definitely stands for compromise.
A classy marquise-shaped ring that gifts you three pearls of wisdom.
A polished amethyst ring for people who dream of having a vault of *purple* bars.
A gorgeous opal ring intertwined in ribbons of gold.
A graceful basket-set ring that'll match your pearly whites perfectly.
A chunky pyrite ring that's reflective of a loving relationship.
A baby version of #13 for someone who prefers a subtler opal.
A V-shaped ring that has all its ducks — I mean, pearls — in a row.
A sapphire and sunstone soleil ring that always points in the direction of true, everlasting love.
A stacked sapphire ring that looks like a row of miniature baseball diamonds.
A rainbow UFO-like ring that's made up of too many gemstones to list.
A simple rose gold knot ring for people who could care less about the bells (gems) and whistles (minerals).
And a copper ring fashioned with colorful garnets that is both budget-friendly and unique.