1. Face cleanser that forms perfectly rose-shaped poofs.

Get one from Ebay for $67.

2. A Tetris clock that you won’t be able to stop watching.

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3. A wiper that’ll get every last bit of batter off your whisk.

Whisk Wiper, whiskwiper.com

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4. A beach mat that sand passes straight through.

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5. A backpack with a convenient swinging container.

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6. A 4-in-1 measuring spoon that changes volume depending on how you pick it up.

Polygons Design / Via indiegogo.com, indiegogo.com

Get one from Polygons Design on IndieGogo for $14.

7. An adorable peeping cat wall hanger that shows up whenever you’re home.

QualyDesign / Via youtube.com, amazon.com

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8. A zen garden that draws its own patterns.

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9. Lightsaber coffee mugs that awaken with heat.

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10. A 2-in-1 food chopper that’ll make quick work of any vegetable.

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11. A bionic wrench that automatically adjusts to the bolt size you need.

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12. A fork that twirls your pasta for you.

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13. A Spirograph set to calm your inner turmoil.

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14. A drain snake to cleanse all the hair from your pipes.

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15. An insane gadget that takes full sticks of butter and turns them into mist.

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16. An analog watch that transforms into a bike computer in one swift twist.

Get one on Kickstarter from Moskito for $520.

17. A ball collector to magically hoover up all your missed serves.

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18. A Fidget Cube that you won’t want to stop playing with.

Get one from Antsy Labs for $22.

19. Transparent putty that looks like liquid glass.

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20. Mixing bowls and measuring cups that nest perfectly together.

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21. A cutting tool to turn plastic bottles into reusable strands of plastic rope.

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22. Kinetic sand that looks and feels borderline erotic.

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23. A kitchen slicer that you can slam down onto your fruits and veggies.

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24. A drawing machine that can create the most intricate designs.

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25. A coffee table that can easily convert into a dinner table.

Pre-order one from Boulon Blanc for $684.

26. Kitchen knives that nest perfectly inside each other.

Kitchen knives that nest perfectly inside each other.

Get a set from Amazon for $800.

27. A custom ring box that will make you want to propose over and over again.

29 Impossibly Satisfying Products That Actually Exist

Get one from Kelo Designs for $90.

28. A desk lamp that uses a floating magnet switch.

Get one from Allocacoc DesignNest on Kickstarter for $44.

29. And an egg cracker to open all your eggs perfectly, with one swift movement.

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